Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday Thoughts

A Spring-is-in-the-air kind of feeling today which meant cleaning and tidying. Obviously inspired by Piper's tidying of her room yesterday, both Ruben and Cordelia tidied their rooms too today. Piper woke up feeling much better so we think it was a migraine attack yesterday :(

She has been busy today with her new Fimo, making some yummy looking sweets to glue onto hair slides.

Hubby spent nearly two hours this morning helping Ruben to make a magazine/newspaper about gaming. He is hoping to email it out to some friends but wants to print some copies out too and post them out. Will try and put a pdf  up when it's finished, he's talked Cordelia and Bailey into having a column each! Not sure where the idea came from, just happy to have him in a better, brighter mood this morning. He went for a walk with Hubby and the dog and then sat doing hama beads, he has been making Pokemon badge.

Cordelia baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies, as well as her usual drawing and her and Piper spent quite a while just hanging out and squealing rather loudly.

Homemade shepherds pie for tea and a quiet start to the weekend :)

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