Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Flu, FAP and reading!

Valentines Day seems to have been a long time ago, we don't normally celebrate it but after our wedding vow renewal in December I'm still feeling romantic #honeymoonperiod. So I made presents for hubby and I even bought heart shaped chocolates for the children and put them in individual bags with valentine notes in and left them in their rooms for when they woke up. I am against the whole commercial-ness of Valentines but sometimes sharing the love you feel for your nearest and dearest feels necessary and if it just happens to be on the 14th February then so be it. Hubby bought me this mug-its a quote from Grey's anatomy so it got the big thumbs up from me!
Since last week, flu has spread through the house quite fast, first Piper then Cordelia, then hubby and now I have it. Having both adults down is not the best situation, luckily when hubby was rough I was still unaffected and now I'm feeling like death Hubby is slightly better so we have managed. Its been nice having Bailey at home this week with it being half term, even if the plans we had to make a visit didn't end up happening! Thankfully, it can be arranged when we are feeling better. We sadly missed a visit from some lovely family today too!
Ruben has been very occupied with a charity run Minecraft server hosted by some friends over here, it has been a godsend for Ruben who has been at a bit of a loss recently and has arrived at just the right time. He has had such great fun connecting with a real life friend he met in Sussex, you can find their blog here, he has been very creative, helping his friend S to make a book shop with books they have written. They have had a disco with cocktails, Ruben has shown S how to use the different skins-he loves his Dr Who skins.
I think all the skyping and reading messages has also given him a huge shove forward to do some reading of his own, off the computer, he has picked up Diary of a Wimpy Kid-a firm favourite with all of his siblings-and read the first two books all in a week!!!!!!!!!! If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that over the 5 years I've written many posts on my youngest son's lack of reading. It has worried me on so many occasions, I've lost sleep worrying that I was doing something wrong. He has always enjoyed stories read to him and loves audio books but he has rarely, rarely, just picked a book up and read for fun. So I almost cried (I am unwell remember!) when I saw him reading to himself, all curled up on the sofa. An epic #homeedmoment for me.

Whilst I wasn't feeling so ill yesterday and hubby wasn't feeling too bad we got out in the sunshine for an hour and took Ruben's new skateboard for a spin. He struggled a bit and we realised pretty quickly that the wheels need loosening. But the fresh air was still good, even if the busy playground was not.

Who says Goth's can't play on the playground (or in this case the mini gym?!)
Cordelia continued a great afternoon by making us all pancakes for tea-a Delia Smith recipe that she googled-they were amazing and I was very grateful to have a night off making tea. She didn't eat any herself as she doesn't like pancakes!

Piper has spent a lot of the week sewing and was delighted when her new blouse came in the post today. She is now nearly there for her full Lolita outfit, just in time for some upcoming events. She has made some very impressive bloomers on the sewing machine-bloomers! I never thought my 14 year old would be making clothes for modesty but there you go! Here she is modelling her new dress from Japan and her new turquoise hair-which I have serious envy of!

Otherwise things here have been very quiet, the car had to have a very expensive trip into the garage today for FAP additive-I kid you not, FAP, it sounds like something totally made up but apparently its £175 worth of fluid. Bonkers.
Hoping to feel more like a human tomorrow, I am not enjoying this bout of flu, its the worst I have had in a few years, even my skin hurts...

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