Friday, 6 February 2015

February beginnings

The start of February has been pretty cold and we still have snow around! So we have been doing lots of indoor days. Ruben designed and created his own board game using lego and Pokémon figures. Hubby, Ruben and I then tried it out. We had to take turns rolling the dice and attacking the other players monsters whilst we tried to protect our lego tower in the middle. It actually worked really well and I won!
Cordelia has been busy with a lot of online art, she and a friend set up a bit of a competition on Deviantart which meant she had a lot of commissions to do. She really enjoys it though and gets lots of supportive comments about her art. When she has had a break and we have snuggled on the sofa with GA(Grey's Anatomy) she usually sits with pens and paper and doodles pictures like this:
She also did some more water colour painting:
After asking some fellow home educator friends on fb what games and ideas they had we decided to make a firm favourite in this house-Oreo Brownies. Ruben really enjoyed counting the oreo's and then splitting them into fractions. Worked really well and we all had a yummy dessert afterwards!

Cordelia has her drawing to do whilst we watch GA and Piper has been crafting these little felt cuties to put on hair slides:


Since getting into Japanese fashion she is learning to make a lot of her own accessories as they can be quite expensive. She is also awaiting a new dress from Japan! of our three Indian Stick Insects, May sadly passed away. We have had them since early July and they only live 6-12 months. She seemed much smaller than our other two stick insects. Ruben was quite upset at first but we talked a lot and he is fine now.
The girls and Ruben went along to a home ed circus skills class they had a go at juggling scarves, spinning a plate and some balancing sticks. It was good fun.
We did quite a lot of research into Iceland, following on from some Norse Mythology. I had read this article in the Guardian and had no idea who Odin and Frigg was, thankfully the girls and Ruben did so happily explained who they were to me. With no eyeball rolls...yeah right! This lead us onto different words we use from Norse Mythology so I ordered a this book from Amazon:

Some beautiful illustrations:

So far its a bit bonkers but definitely interesting! Cordelia and I sat for ages looking at hotels in Iceland including the Ice Hotel, converting Icelandic Krona into GBP to see how much a room would cost. Looking at the wild Icelandic ponies and then we decided to look at what food was popular in Iceland which led to some very interesting reading, sheep's head, including eyeballs, Ram's testicles, lots of salty fish and also hot dogs. Not sure my fussy eaters would manage on that diet too much. We also looked into how many volcanoes Iceland has-130 and how many are active-around 35. Its a fascinating place and high on my places to visit list, just need to talk Ruben into getting on an plane...


  1. One of my best friends is Icelandic and she has cooked me sheep's head, it's delicious!