Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Doodles in the coffee shop

We were up and out at 8.40am this morning-I've no idea how that happened! After dropping B at college we headed over to my sisters to pick up my niece. We were taking her shoe shopping for her christening present. The girls and even Ruben (who really doesn't do babies!) love spending time with her. It's hard not to she's incredibly sweet and ever so smiley. After the shoe shopping we visited The Bear Factory-not been in there for years- The Disney Shop and had a good play in the Lego shop. Mega excitement over the new Lego Avengers Helli carrier with figures a snip at £280!  Then we had an early lunch at McDonalds before setting out to look for shoes & a bag for Piper's Lolita outfit. Baby nap time whilst hubby and I had a coffee-all this toddler business is knackering!

Cordelia brought her drawing pens and doodled on Starbucks napkins:

Ruben had a go too:

Cordelia's horse:

She took Loki out for some peasant fun, I think he enjoyed lunch.......

What's lovely about looking after my niece is a new opportunity to look at things through her eyes, everything is exciting and new and it's infectious! The girls love holding her hands whilst she walks in between them, they fight over whose turn it is to push the pram and they love chatting to her. After all this time though I've forgotten how exhausting it is to have toddlers, because she isn't mine I feel even more cautious so daren't take my eyes off her for a second! I have no idea how I managed to have a newborn, 1 year old, 2 year old and a 5 year old all at once AND leave the house by myself. I must have been so organised and so, so knackered!!

After dropping my niece back with my sister we headed to Pipers appointment at the dental hospital. She needs to have 4 teeth removed in the next few weeks under general anaesthetic which is a bit scary to be honest but the hospital were pretty good-late-but good. We'll see how that goes....

Back home for Piper's Fimo parcel to arrive-6 new colours to try! Ruben did more Hama beads, Cordelia her digital art, Piper did some actual art and just generally chilled out.

Yesterday Hubby finished painting the fireplace and we put up our clay heart garland which Ruben, Cordelia and I made for Valentines but liked it so much I'm keeping it up. I love the red against the grey:

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