Tuesday, 27 January 2015

York Part 2-York Castle Museum

After grabbing some lunch and having a little walk around York town centre we headed to our second museum of the day-York Castle Museum. For our entry price-£12 per adult, children free-we get entry to York castle museum and also the Yorkshire museum for a full 12 months so not a bad deal. The museum is in two parts so we headed to the Kirkgate area first. The first area we came to had lots of old toys, Cordelia loved this mini carousel:

There were lots of toy rooms set up with toys from Hubby and I's childhood and also characters that they recognised like Barbie, Teletubbies, Paddington Bear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ruben even played on the first Atari computer game "Pong" which he thought was very funny. There was even a Sega Master System which I remember my little brother play Alex the Kidd on.

I really like the old fashioned living rooms, although with the trains on the floor this looked like my living room circa 2000-Bailey was in his Thomas the Tank Engine phase and I was pregnant with Piper.

Piper spent ages looking at the fashion area, whilst Cordelia and I looked at some of the midwifery instruments from around 1950-fitting with us watching BBC 1's Call the Midwife at the moment. We also took a look at some of the coffins and mourning wear-the exhibit is called "From Cradle to Grave" and there are literally cradle's-beautiful cradles-to coffins.

The next bit of the museum I didn't think we would ever get back out of the girls loved it so much. It was Victorian Street, a full size Victorian street with shops, people, cobbles, everything! Even street lamps that worked and noises recreated. As we were there for a bit we noticed that it even went from daytime all the way through to night-time and back again. It went dark, owls hooted, there was a rain and lightening storm, thankfully we didn't get wet! It was the most fantastic thing I've ever seen in a museum. The girls loved it so much they made us come back again after we had explored the other side of the museum!

Ruben loved these 20p old curiosity machines-this one was called execution.....

Time for a train ride!

Next part of the museum was WW1 trenches, the kids even found a first aid section and decided to give first aid to their Dad........

Not sure any of them have a medical career ahead but you never know ;)

Through the courtyard via some posters, Cordelia, Ruben and I had a quick hula hoop and Hopscotch contest whilst no one was looking....

Then we arrived in the swinging sixties...

And Hubby selected "The House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals on the Jukebox-it sounded so good!

I loved the inside of the jukebox:

Then it was back through the prison-which was pretty grim. And another 15 minutes on Victorian Street again waiting for night to come before a cup of tea in the cafe.

Can't recommend this museum enough, it is excellent and the children are already wanting to come back

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