Tuesday, 27 January 2015

York Part 1-The National Railway Museum

We finally decided to break our January hibernation and have a field trip! Since starting this blog back in 2010 I haven't done a single post on York because we haven't been in years. So I'm breaking it up into two parts otherwise I wouldn't be able to put all the photos in!
From Bailey being round 2 years old we visited York A LOT. Mainly due to the lure of the National Railway Museum. He was obsessed with trains from being two years old till around about 6 years old so he loved it there. I visited on the train with him when Piper was only 6 weeks old to see Thomas the Tank Engine, in fact since Bailey was only 5 when I had Ruben all the younger three made trips here as babies, its almost a right of passage haha! I think at one point Hubby and I would have been able to walk around this museum backwards, blindfolded and in our sleep. So its taken me a while to face coming back to it again-felt a bit sad coming without Bailey for the first time but I'm slowly getting used to that now he is at college.
The younger three, clearly had forgotten how many of their young years have been spent here and looked upon the museum with fresh eyes so I tried that too.
Suddenly the Japanese Bullet Train was relevant to Piper's project on Japan and before I could move they were all sat inside talking  "selfies". Reassuring Hubby and I that today was not going to see us dragging around 3 bored children around museums today. They actually loved it!
Inside the bullet train:

These photos are for Piper as she wants to learn to write some Japanese and maybe even speak it too:

They all found their ages on the seat numbers

This was a rather shiny and vintage looking train called the Duchess of Hamilton from 1938, wish I'd gotten a photo from the front as she was very Art Deco!

They enjoyed the Flying Scotsman exhibition and Cordelia even found time to do an East Coast Route wall jigsaw:

She got a very cool comment from a staff member on her war paint too, which I'm pretty sure made her day, or at least was a break from all the stares! Goths on a field trip   ;-)

The Pullman train was very much like a modern train but the video inside was funny!
Below was a postal train, there was a really old black and white film playing which showed how the post was sorted whilst the train was moving and also how they dropped off the post sacks at each station, was really interesting actually.

I love all the old Station signs and I have so many photos of the children in front of this clock that I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. This was one of their favourite parts of the museum because it is where they keep the trains of Royalty which are just spectacular!
A great morning spent here-I'd highly recommend a trip to the National Railway Museum.

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