Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday talks

Today Piper finished off the bookcase-well I say Piper I mean hubby waxed it for her and then moved it upstairs to her room. It looks lovely. I'm a bit jealous I love the pink colour of Antoinette.

Elsewhere, Bailey is home this week due to the college tutors having a week off to mark work, seems a bit silly giving they have only been back a week.....but who am I to argue.....

Ruben and I sat and looked at more volcano resources, finding out about the most active volcano on Hawaii "Mauna Loa", finding out what the Earth's mantle was and where the "ring of fire" was and why it was called that. Was really fascinating stuff. We printed off a periodic table and stuck it in his project book, then we looked at the chemicals that most rocks are made up of and Ruben wrote them down in his book and we looked for them on the table. He knew quite a few from his Minecraft t-shirt!

Cordelia decided to give a Barbie Shelley a bit of a make over, into Jinx from Black Veil Brides of course...who else?

But when she wasn't doing that she drew this:

Making the most of having his big brother at home Ruben has played hours of Yu-Gi-Oh cards with Ruben who has a new collection thanks to one of Bailey's friends having a clear out and selling them on to us. A huge new collection to look through.

The girls and I managed to squeeze in an episode on GA-which is becoming great for biology, thanks to an episode we learnt that you can have two uterus's and a baby in each one. News to me. It is feeding right into Cordelia's interest of human anatomy at the moment.

Piper was super excited to have her new pettiskirt arrive in the post, she has bought it from Etsy and is very impressed with the floofyiness of it, according to her if it can stand alone on the floor it is superior quality.

Hubby has made pizza for tea so all is good with the world ;)

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