Sunday, 11 January 2015

The weekend

Yesterday was spent in the company of friends who we hadn't seen yet this year! The boys had a great catch up and so did the parents. Lovely start to the weekend.

A very quiet and chilled Saturday, before we left for a trip into Chesterfield Ruben decided he wanted to try and freeze his plastic dinosaur. Fortunately he found my little pampered chef ramekins because he didn't ask and just covered the dinosaur in water and stuck it in the freezer. Had to explain that ordinary glass would have shattered in the freezer, so lesson learnt there!

However it was good science working out the process of freezing the water and he kept putting it back in to freeze more as he could still see bubbles moving under the ice.

A trip into town to the main library, saw Piper get a lot of seeing books out. She is trying very hard to begin making her own things and hubby found her this great book:

So far she's just reading along to the instructions but we will probably have a go at some point this week. Was nice to get out in the fresh air for a bit. Back home and we had a girly snuggle whilst we watched GA.

Sunday saw some of us being a bit lazy, watching TV, playing on PCs and Xbox whilst I made sugar free granola (not as bad as it sounds!) and soup for Monday and also this rather yummy Nutella cheesecake to take over to our friends for lunch:

A lovely afternoon with old friends, who surprised us with a beautiful book of our vow renewal photos. Lots of which we hadn't seen before, was incredibly thoughtful and I felt a bit teary. The children all played (yes played!) so nicely with the younger ones. 

Loving chilled January weekends

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