Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Playing in the snow & sledging

The first snow of 2015! So far, we have already had more than last year. Ruben wasted no time this morning going out to build a snowman, in fact he built two!

They looked very funny later on when they started melting-like two snowmen doing garden yoga!
Some photos from around the garden: The Minehut we painted last summer, looks pretty in the snow

Ruben helped Hubby clear the drive, just in case we needed to get the car out for any reason. Was hard work but meant none of us was cold!

Then we decided to give sledging another try, you may/may not remember my post on sledging from two years ago in January T'is Snow Joke? Sledging usually ends badly for our children....

But, and this may be due to the fact they are getting older?! there were no tears or tantrums!!! Photo of hubby and the youngest two above (older two decided to stay indoors on the wifi...)

Hubby and I even had a go. I love how everything looks SO pretty in the snow. Felt like we could, nearly (I did say nearly) be in the Alps (I wish!)

Fun in the snow with NO tears hurrah!

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  1. Looks like a great snow day...we have barely gotten any snow this year which I can't say I miss but my kids do love to go sledding:)