Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday Painting, pony club & volcanoes

Today was all about decorating, Bailey's room needed painting so hubby and I got on with that whilst he was at college. Meaning that by the time he got home everything was painted and all his furniture back in place including the all important tv/xbox. #teamwork

Meanwhile elsewhere in the house....Ruben had a pc day, playing Minecraft and watching Dan & Phil videos. In between playing Sims on the xbox, watching Teen Titans and playing secret spies with his nerf guns. 

Cordelia played xbox and did some digital art. 

Piper got started on painting a bookcase reclaimed from Bailey's room ready to go in her room:

I am a big fan of Annie Sloane paints, their easy to work with, don't smell and nearly every piece of furniture in our house is painted in one of her colours, or colours I've mixed myself from her paint. So it's nice to see Piper starting her own Annie Sloan projects!

Cordelia had Pony Club where she got to groom some very wet and muddy ponies. She loves it and it's great practice for when she has her own ponies!

Hubby, Ruben and I watched the second part in our volcano program "into the volcano"

Was some amazing footage in this episode.

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