Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mardy Bums, Cells, Japan & Maths

Mardy Bum is a bit of a Yorkshire saying-Arctic Monkeys even wrote a song about it!- and so when we had a much needed escape from hibernation after the snow fall into Sheffield City Centre, we noticed this bench:

We must have passed it lots of times but only just noticed it today. And since our youngest son has been a little bit of a "Mardy Bum" of late it felt very fitting...
We have been doing a bit more formal work whilst the weather has been cold, normally I dread doing anything that actually involves written work-it isn't always welcome, its gone very well. Piper has been finding out about all the different islands that make up Japan and writing in her project book. She has even printed off maps! Cordelia has been working on Plant and Animal Cells as part of her Human Anatomy Project, we watched a few videos on Brainpop but she has mainly been usisng a GCSE Biology book, so far so good. Ruben has been playing lots of YuGiOh, especially since he started going to a new gaming group, which he is loving. He has also been doing lots of Math work, mainly fractions. I asked my home ed friends on fb what games they would recommend and they all came up with some fab ideas for homemade games as well as lots of things on Amazon. As yet I haven't bought anything and using something we have ourselves seems like a much better idea to start with and then I can see how we get on. Some of the games look very expensive and some look way too young for Ruben, I think its something the girls could do with doing too as its something that we haven't covered in a long time=it nevers hurts to refresh yourself with old information.
So far we have used mealtimes as a good example since its rare all 6 of us eat the same meal, i.e what fraction of us is having chicken? We've also used it with buns i.e. if I eat 5 of these 12 buns what fraction would be left, what fraction would I have eaten? And lego pieces, what fraction of the lego pieces on the table red? green? blue? Sometimes you need a point in the right direction, even when it might be right in front of your face and totally obvious to another person. I have always struggled at seeing wood for trees....
Amongst al of that Ruben decided  to build himself a tin foil Pokémon army for no reason other than they all looked good in tinfoil, can't really argue with that..

Cordelia is working on her painting of things that aren't horses with this dragon in watercolours and ink:

Busier and more productive January so far than I had anticipated.