Monday, 19 January 2015

Learning as we Go!

Still mainly hibernating our way through January, we have hardly put any diesel in the car this week which indicates how little we've actually been out! It's been really cold and we seem to have settled into a home groove. Doing art, watching documentaries, playing games, lego, baking cakes, reading books, talking and planning trips for warmer days!

Cordelia drew this lovely horse picture, I think she must draw close to 30 horses a week at the moment!

Piper has been back to sewing projects, this time hair bows out of gingham fabric and some of her lace stash, she then hot glued them on to hair clips:

Cordelia had a bit of a baking disaster with a chocolate and vanilla cake so she went with what she is extraordinarily good at and made millionaires shortbread instead! It was very well received by us!

Piper raided my patterns and found one she liked so we went to the market and bought some basic fabric for her to have a go with. She spent ages cutting out all the fabric pieces and organising them:

She did a great job with the bodice but really struggled with the skirt and so as yet it remains unfinished....doesn't help that I am rubbish at patterns and can't offer much in the way of guidance. I'm just kind of learning it with her but that's a bit like all of home ed for us-learning as we go!

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