Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fresh Starts, New Leafs, Blank Pages...Yep its January

If you've read the blog long enough you will no I am not a fan of January normally but this year feels a bit different. I think because we had such a fun and busy end to our year in December I am already appreciating the peace and quiet of this month. I am loving not having to go shopping, I felt like that is all I did towards the end of last year and I am normally not much of a shopper.

This month I am planning on spending as little as possible, I'm planning on lots of quiet walks, lots of days at home. The girls and I are currently hooked on our favourite TV series Grey's Anatomy which has triggered off a need to learn more about human anatomy for Cordelia. She has already done several worksheets! She is also constantly drawing and looking into some new photography projects after seeing an exhibition in the library by a local artist. Piper has begun doing some Manga art with a book from the library, she is very into Japanese fashion at the moment and so we are planning on doing a project on Japan. Ruben really wanted to learn about Volcanoes after we came across a huge piece of lava in Edinburgh's museum last month. Its timed quite well as BBC One have just begun a new show with Kate Humble about Volcanoes which we watched Sunday evening. We had a great conversation about Mars this week and we then ended up doing a volcano project that he was gifted for Christmas only to find out that the largest known volcano is on Mars! Love it when that happens.

He is also doing a project on Greek Myths and Legends and is currently halfway through designing his own monster. And playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards constantly, thank goodness hubby has already learned to play as its a little advanced for me! And he's also sorting all his Lego out a box at a time!

Piper's art

Cordelia's art

Two very different artists here!

I'm liking a calm month so far.

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