Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Baking, Scrabble & Esio Trot

Apart from hubby & I's 5 mile dog walk this morning today has been a home day. I was pretty shattered to be fair-working off Christmas goodies is tough!

The morning was spent playing Pokemon Colesseum for Ruben, Cordelia drawing, Piper reading and we got to have a chat with Bailey about his course and how it's going.

After lunch Ruben and I did some baking, I baked lemon cake whilst Ruben made chocolate cupcakes. It's the second time this week he has baked, he made vanilla cupcakes on Monday.

Meanwhile Cordelia set up scrabble for us. I think scrabble is such a good game for spelling, she even got the actual dictionary out to look up some words! She's getting quite good and only lost out to me by 4 points....

Hubby had a game of Yu-Gi-Oh with Ruben

Whilst Piper continued sewing her skirt, it's been an ongoing project for the last week or so. She keeps getting stuck but then manages to find a way around it, she's determined to do it by herself.

Cordelia made hot chocolate for her and Ruben and we watched BBC One's Esio Trot-it's been on the sky planner since Christmas!

Another two episodes of Grey's Anatomy and hubby made homemade pizza for tea.

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