Thursday, 8 January 2015

37 Days

Today was nearly a rerun of yesterday but without the 5 mile walk, thank goodness!

This morning hubby, Cordy and I played scrabble again. Cordelia even installed a scrabble app on her phone so me and her can play all day! She's currently winning but hubby won the actual game today.

Meanwhile Ruben started painting the Teen Tower he made out of cat food boxes. He is really into superheroes and got the Teen Titan figures for Christmas so of course they need a base!

It's going to take a couple of coats of paint I think. 

Another game of Yu-Gi-oh for hubby and Ruben. Whilst Bailey worked on his latest assignment which is due tomorrow, it's lovely having him at home in the week. 

Cordelia has been drawing horses for most of the day. 

We all sat and watched episode one of 37 days which has been on the skybox for months. It was on BBC One in the summer I think? And is all about the start of WW1. We even got the atlas out to look where Austria, Serbia, Russia, Germany are and where Prussia used to be. It was a really brilliant program and I had no idea that Kaiser Willheim was in fact Queen Victoria's grandson. After a bit of googling it's amazing how so many of the royal families are related, really need to do a family tree of the Royal Family me thinks...... Piper claimed to know all of that-she is a huge fan of Queen Victoria and very well read on that period. She really enjoyed the first episode.

The afternoon was spent having our daily Grey's Anatomy dose whilst drawing and I enquired about a visit to a nuclear power plant, we've been talking a lot lately about nuclear power so it seems like a good time to try and book a visit. We have already had a trip to a power plant a few years ago when we went to the DRAX power plant but that was coal fired. It would be great to see the difference.

Last night before bed hubby, Ruben and I had an Uno marathon but tonight I think it'll be the Dr Who Time Travelling Tardis game hubby picked up from the charity shop for 70p!

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