Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ruben turns 11...

Ruben had a very quiet 11th birthday especially after last years Minecraft party. He got up early and opened his presents, this year he had asked for a Nintendo Wii. We'd had one for years but it had broken and was replaced by an Xbox and a DS console but Ruben really missed his favourite Nintendo games so we agreed to buy a second hand system. He was more than happy with that and it meant he got several of his favourite games too. His favourite is Super Smash Brawl but he also got Zelda, Iron Man, Mario etc and a new skateboard!

He had his two best friends over for the afternoon, they played on the wii together and are lots of food! His friends bought him a Mighty Boosh t-shirt and a zombie Jake from Adventure time-they know him so very well! He changed into the t-shirt straight away. 

Here he is blowing the candles out on his cake-he asked for a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake this year. 

It's not the best cake I've made to be honest but he liked it so that's all that mattered :)

Another friend bought him this fab lego Batman set which he built very quickly! And his TMNT onesie was another perfect gift from friends :D

Happy 11th Birthday to our beautiful boy, you are such a fun, happy, clever, loving boy to be around and we love you so much xxxxxxxxxx

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