Sunday, 21 December 2014

First Christmas Holiday

We love Christmas here but the last few Christmasses have been a little bit disappointing and so we made a decision to change things up. Now the children are older the excitement is disappearing a little, so we decided to try going away for Christmas. We booked a lovely cottage with Hoseasons in Berwick-upon-tweed and I have to say it was even better than I had imagined. When we arrived the owners had left a lovely hamper full of Christmassy things, which was a really nice surprise!

We knew it was close to the beach but we weren't expecting it to only be 30 seconds walk! Was so lovely to see the sea, the Northumberland coast is stunning.

Walking on the beach, collecting driftwood.

Some of us found weapon shaped driftwood...

Back at the cottage and the children put all the presents under the tree, we had an open plan top floor which was lovely as even when you were making a cuppa you could still see/talk to everyone. This is the first year we he put the children's presents under the tree and it was actual quite fun seeing how excited they were, trying to guess what was what. We actual had a cheaper Christmas this year and probably spent around half of what we normally do on gifts for the children as the holiday was a gift for all of us. Nobody asked for anything so it was nice just buying small gifts that we knew they would like. As their all older they mainly got money for Christmas from family. And lots of chocolate!

First day here and we are all feeling super chilled and super festive. We sat and played Cluedo and Monopoly and lots of games of chess.

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