Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Edinburgh December 23rd

Its been five years since we last came to Edinburgh and I had forgotten what a wonderful, wonderful city it is. I would have loved to go in the Theatre and watch Wicked, it is on my list...

The beautiful Christmas fair with all its rides and lights, it looks amazing in the dark.

So many tall buildings with lots of stone steps in between. The children loved all the unique shops going up towards the Royal Mile. Lots of cool, goth style shops and even a wig shop for Pippi to spend half an hour in looking at manga coloured wigs....

The walk up to the castle is lovely with bagpipes playing all the way up and tourists taking photo's with them.
The boys! Funny to think that Bailey was Ruben's age when w were last here

The girls! Including our pesky Jack Russell Tallulah, affectionately known as "Chub"

The views from here are wonderful. That hill sticking up is Arthur's seat and was actual a Volcano-which I only learnt today!

The beautiful Cathedral

As we had the dog with us and were a bit too far to put her in the car for a bit, I just popped into the museum with the children whilst hubby went and got a coffee. When we were here last time it was all being remodelled so you couldn't see any of this part. Although, I do remember just getting here last time and a staff member came and asked if we would like a private talk on Samurai Soliders, it was a really interesting talk and I remember the kids being engrossed.

The children headed straight for the animal section, it was really stunning and we spotted a Mega Sloth, two Narwhal's, a T-Rex amongst lots of other animals

Standing next to the skull of a Sperm Whale


Mega Sloth

Ruben thought this was great but I found it a bit creepy. Its a Japanese Spider Crab, which can measure up to 4 metres! Yikes

Cordelia feeling fesitive

Lots of very pretty Christmas trees and lights around the city centre. I especially liked the ice skating ring that was wrapped around the huge monument!