Saturday, 27 December 2014

Edinburgh again!

As we were only an hour away we decided to have another day in Edinburgh, the children still had some money to spend and we realised we hadn't had chance to see the Queen's Edinburgh bolt hole aka Holyrood Palace or the Scottish Parliament building.

We took the dog for a quick walk on the beach first thing again. It was very icy and the sand was actually frozen in parts!

We had a walk around the older part of the town centre and saw this amazing building that look like it came straight out of a Hogwart's film set.

It was called TolBooth Tavern and has been around since the sixteenth century, its actually a haunted pub! We didn't actually go in but continued on our way down the Royal Mile-which Hubby and I quickly realised walking down the the palace that its called the "Royal Mile" because its a mile from the palace to the castle (where we were the other day!) doh!...

Loved the design on the palace gates!

Its a rather large building considering the Queen only actually spends one week a year here. Its called "Holyrood Week" and usually takes place at the end of June to celebrate all things Scottish, including a garden party at the palace with around 8,000 guests!!

You have to pay to get in but I managed to get this shot from next to the toilet block lol!

We loved the unicorn plaque

Just across the road from the palace is the Scottish Parliament Building:

Which to be fair was a little underwhelming and since later in the day we saw the old parliament building, I know I'd prefer the older building to its new modern design. Towering above both the palace and the parliament building is Arthur's Seat which is a dormant volcano and sits 251m above sea level. It was very busy with lots of people walking up it, but as we were wearing the wrong footwear we have put that on our "next time" list of things to do, I think the view must be pretty spectacular from up there.

These are the old Parliament buildings, this was Parliament Hall and this statue of King Charles the second was erected in 1685. It is the oldest lead cast statue in Britain:

The parliament square is partially hidden from view by the beautiful gothic looking St Giles Cathedral:

We managed to have an hour in the museum again, as Tallulah was tired out from her walk and went for a dog-nap in the car. The kids headed straight for the animal section again! Bailey, Piper and I went into the space section which was really interesting whilst Cordelia and Ruben showed Hubby around the animals.

On the top floor we found this Stegosaurus next to a great children's section, it was really busy. My mother in law sent us some photos of our house covered in snow and I sent her this one of the Edinburgh skyline with not so much as a flake of snow back:

The gallery view down through to the animal section was pretty epic:

Cordelia spent ages taking photos of the taxidermy animals and finding out lots of info about extinct animals. There was even a Dodo skeleton (although not real sadly). As we came back down the stairs we noticed there was a drawing competition being held and as we had 20 minutes left on the parking meter Cordelia and Ruben decided to have a go..

This is Ruben's emu drawing:

And Cordelia's Arctic Fox:

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