Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day 2014 & Cocklawburn Beach

After a super fun and most relaxing day yesterday we got up and dressed and headed to the next beach along from us at Cocklawburn. It was really icy with lots of frozen puddles but very refreshing!

Lots of rocky outcrops that looked like fossils? I must find out.....

Some silly dancing on the beach with my eldest two.....

Looking in the rock pools 

Was a bit cold for being out too long so after about 45 minutes we headed back to the car. A pretty quiet day watching TV, playing games and lots of reading of new books, mainly by Piper who finished two of her new book in one day! Cordelia spent some time drawing and listening to her new band CDs. Bailey spent a lot of time reading his new Marvel encyclopaedia and Ruben his new Lego minifigure book.

In the afternoon hubby and I took Ruben and the dog for another little walk on the beach at sunset.

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