Monday, 22 December 2014


Lovely sunny blue skies this morning as we got dressed and headed into Berwick-upon-Tweed, it took us around 25 minutes to walk from the cottage. Berwick is a very historic little town and according to lots of plaques we passed was very popular with the artist Lowry. He came here every year up until he died and lots of his paintings were inspired from this area.

We were so lucky to see several seals in the water of the River Tweed but we didn't manage to get any photos sadly, a really wonderful experience seeing them in the wild though

I loved the old clock tower on the town hall.

After we had a walk around the shops we walked around the older walls and past the Barrascks which were very imposing. I loved all the old stone houses and the views out to sea.

Lovely views over the fields and out to sea

towards the town

We even spotted a hobbit hole in amongst the allotments, how cool?

This was one of the Lowry trail plaques that we passed on the bridge on the walk back, showing one of his paintings

and this is what the painting was based on:

Back over the old bridge with the viaduct in the background-it looked lovely at night when it was all lit up from underneath with red and green lights.

Back at the cottage and time to play a long game of Monopoly before some Christmas TV and a late afternoon walk on the beach. Tallulah is in doggy walk heaven here.


  1. Have long admired Lowry, so was a lovely treat for me to see the real view he painted from. Thank you x

    1. Your very welcome, it's easy to see why he loved it there so much x