Sunday, 28 December 2014


We got up early to pack up and leave our holiday cottage, feel a little bit sad as we have had such a wonderful, relaxing and fun, family Christmas. I'd go as far as to say its the best Christmas I have ever had and I can't imagine not going away for Christmas every year now but we shall see what next year brings..

On our way home we decided to stop at Bamburgh as I had heard so many great things about the castle that I wanted to see it with my own eyes! It was even more stunning than I had imagined, especially against the backdrop of the beautiful blue sky.

The volcanic rock its built on is so high, it makes me wonder what would give anyone the idea to build a huge castle on it?!!!

As you walk around the castle (it was open but we didn't go inside this time, next time list!) the landscape opens up to the most stunning stretch of beach. I felt like we were in another country!

What a beautiful backdrop to a stunning beach, must, must, MUST come back here on a sunny, warm day and build sandcastles on this beach....

The children wandered off, deep in conversation with each other and discussing what they were going to do when we got home (wifi!) which was a bit of a shame as sometimes I feel a bit like they don't stop to enjoy the in the moment things. Maybe that is something that comes with age because I stopped, I looked out towards the Farne Islands and thought about Grace Darling, who I only read about on a trip to Southend on Sea pier a few years back with the children, and what it must be like living on such a remote little island in the North Sea. I looked at the lines on the sand that the sea had made, and I listened to the crashing of the waves-a sound I miss living in a city-and I felt so happy and in the moment. One of those bottle it moments. I love my life. And I love that home educating means that I see opportunities to learn everywhere I am, because the world is our classroom-cheesy it may be but its also very true, and its not just the children who are learning. I am learning things about myself all the time.

A trip into a big supermarket in Newcastle to get supplies for home-with the weather being so bad at home we had to stock up!-then a three hour drive home. We didn't actually hit any snow until Barnsley which was a bit strange! But it was pretty bad at home, thankfully my in laws had left us the heating on so we came home to a nice warm house ;)


  1. Fantastic looking castle ! don't know that part of the country at all-can see a trip up North going on that list :)

    1. You really must Sandra it is rather stunning and the locals are incredibly friendly :))