Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ruben makes a board game!

Today Ruben decided to make his own board game called Monstermon he's using Magyk cards and Pokemon cards.

He has built the game board from cardboard and paper. The first attempt saw him using plain paper and lego to build buildings. Hubby played it with him but they quickly realised that it needed revising so Ruben went off to change some things before coming back to play again. Second time around and still more changes needed to off Ruben went again  to make these changes including sticking score point boards on to the game board. He has also diligently drawn and coloured in patterns and scenery on the board:

He's currently designing a beach/mountain landscape for the other side too.

I think all of this has come from spending the weekend at the Showroom cinema at a film making workshop with Cordelia. They had such a great time and hopefully will receive their final film version on DVD in the post next week :-) it's so wonderful to see  them being inspired!

Elsewhere in the house today....Cordelia is still feeling unwell with her cold but put a brave face on it so she wouldn't miss pony club this evening. Piper has been out with me to meet up with her friend and her mum for a coffee/catch up. They all watched a very interesting documentary on CBBC about a transgender boy, as they have a friend going through the same thing it was really helpful and insightful. They amaze me with their acceptance and understanding of such a delicate subject and show maturity way beyond their years.

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