Saturday, 1 November 2014

Llangollen the Long Way Around

Another beautiful Welsh walk! I so wish we lived here it's the most amazing place and I feel so calm and centred here.

Loved these camping pods..,

At the start of the walk..,

Beautiful views and beautiful weather for October too

The forest on the hill was called "World's End"

Got a bit lost here and had to walk twice as far :( and there was a dying/dead cow
In the field which was pretty upsetting...

Having fun with my phone and Ruben

The long steep walk up to the castle on the hill!

Was a bloody killer but worth it for the views. Cordelia and Bailey made it to the top first then Ruben, Hubby and finally Poper and I and Chub.

Walking back down was pretty rough on the legs but much quicker

Time for sweets and a stop by the beautiful river dee.

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