Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Our kids love halloween but it's always such a disappointment in this country! Still they'd spent weeks on their costumes and all looked brilliant. Ruben as Link for the Zelda game and Piper as Adventure Time's Marceline:

Cordelia's Ringwrsith costume:

Getting excited about trick or treating, the front of the house decorated with our pumpkins

Rubens Spider-Man pumpkin:

Cordelia's batman pumpkin;

Bailey's Halo pumpkin:

Piper's spooky face pumpkin (our first home grown pumpkin ever!):

Inside the children decorated the hallway including this mummified door we saw on Pintrest:

Another Pintrest idea, Harry Potter message on the mirror with lipstick:

Hubby and I in our Mexican death mask make up by our talented daughter Cordelia :)

Gorgeous Piper on her handmade hairbow:

Link again!

I made the kids halloween goodie bags by filling plastic gloves with sweets! Another Pintrest!

Happy Halloween!!!

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