Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Saltaire Vintage Fair

We'd had a bit of a rough week and really needed to get out, looking online we found a vintage fair in Saltaire. We'd always wanted to visit Saltaire Village, made famous when built by Sir Titus Salt, a mill owner who built a village for his workers including houses, playgrounds, a hospital and schools. It's a UNESCO world heritage site now and easy to see why as it's like stepping back in time:

The mill's been changed into apartments now mainly, no idea why Ruben is pulling this face.... Think he's trying to look sad?!

It's quite old fashioned with the yards but I really liked it. Piper wants us to move here now....

Lots of vintage style things to look out and I loved the old fair style things!

The food aisle was amazing, so many different smells and foods from around the world. It reminded me of being in Holland, Belgium and France. The girls and I had churros and chocolate sauce, Ruben had a waffle with chocolate sauce and hubby had a boar burger-it was delicious apparently!

It was so busy and such a wonderful atmosphere. We had a walk around the vintage clothes fair in the beautiful Art Deco style building and bought some buttons for Cordelia's & my button bouquet.

I loved this circus style tent:

Ruben scored pitifully low on this game (only a 10!) but he had a good time anyway!

Cordelia was very excited when someone spotted her Black Veil Brides t-shirt ;) the girls loved spotting all the other emos/goths/punks and we all loved the steam punks although they did scare me a little!

Drawing & Costumes

Art has been quite popular here recently, Cordelia draws so many pictures a day now it's hard to keep up. Her bedroom is just a mass of paper-pictures drawn, pictures half drawn, crumpled paper etc. you get the picture right?? Hehe

This is a horse (their mostly what she draws) that she drew last week, I think it's pretty fabulous:

All the drawing has encouraged Ruben to pick up his drawing pencils too, he's been drawing Pokemon and also designed his shield for his Link comic con outfit:

Hubby has borrowed his dad's jigsaw so he can do some woodwork with the children. They are all currently deciding which costumes to make. Current ideas are Link (from Zelda) for Ruben, Cordelia wants to be a Ring Wraith (LOTR) and Piper wants to be Marceline (Adventure Time). Bailey ordered himself this coat:

It's from Assassin's Creed. I'm not sure he's fully sold on it though, it was such a poor quality item and he ended up getting all of his money back and has been able to keep the item so he may/may not wear it.

I think we are all starting to think about Halloween, it's a fav here at the Barras house....