Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sheffield Comic Con

Our first ever Comic Con and also the first ever time it's ever been to Sheffield. We had a fab day out and even Bailey came out with his before his shift started.

The costumes were amazing I liked the Weeping Angel lady the most but their were lots of Doctor Who's, Spider-Mans, Jokers, and even a few Pokemon characters much to Rubens delight.

The girls and Ruben have been furiously planning their own costumes since we arrived home and have decided that hubby and I should get dressed up too. Bailey thinks I should be Khalissi from Game of Thrones the mother of dragons....we'll see

A tardis and Ruben spotted a Pikachu
The view from above

Cordy spotted a costume from Skyrim and the girl kindly agreed to a photo. Her dad had made her the costume I was SO impressed.
An Ash look a like
Natashya from Avengers!
An amazing costume by a lady who spent 6 months making this Blaziken costume. Ruben loved it

Bailey spent £50 on an Assasin's Creed figure, it's very cool and he's wanted it since he saw it in Amsterdam. 

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