Friday, 19 September 2014


Since we are not having our usual September gallivant due to Bailey starting college this week we had to settle for a day trip to Scarborough. We had fabulous weather, first up a walk along North Bay beach whilst the ride was out. Lots of dogs running on the beach :) Cordelia and Ruben ran up ahead together and climbed the big rocks:

We sat and had our lunch before walking round to South Bay. We looked around the shops, kids loved a really geeky shop called Retro 365 lots of Marvel, Hobbit, LOTR etc to coo over. Back to the sandy beach of South Bay for ice creams and donuts and building sand castles:

We took the crab nets to see if we could catch something, loved these piles of lobster pots despite my fear of actual lobsters!

Hubby and Cordelia were quite successful:

Squid tentacles!!!!

A huge crab

Ruben eventually joined in too, he loved holding them:

Cordelia even caught a fish!!! It was a flat fish!!! Lots of people stopped to look, it's not everyday you see a 12 year old goth catching a fish whilst crab fishing....

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