Sunday, 7 September 2014

Not Back to School Picnic September 2014

So for our Not Back to School picnic we chose not to go into the Peace Gardens in Sheffield. All a bit too political and about being "seen" or more stared at by passers by for our liking! Instead we chose to meet up with our bestest friends at Chatsworth. Missed Bailey being here but seen as he's starting college next week there would be little point, plus he was in bed sleeping off 4 working days including two 11 hour shifts.

We had a lovely walk by the river, followed by a picnic lunch on a big tree. The kids ran around, play fighting, chasing each other, throwing hay, logs for dogs and chatting.

Took this photo of the group: Piper, Ruben, our Ruben, Cordelia and Mason:

A perfect home ed Not Back to School Picnic for us 😊

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