Friday, 19 September 2014

Happy Birthday Mummy

For my 34th birthday I was gifted with these beautiful sunflowers:

A very cuddly, warm bed fleece, slippers and chocolates! What more could I want? 

Ruben took this photo of me:

It was the first week back at the kids home ed adventure playground group. They seemed to enjoy catching up with friends except one girl who made Piper cry :'(

I was quite upset by that. On the way home we called to Graves park and playground. Piper, Ruben and Cordelia on the swings:

We got home to Piper's new shoes, her first pair of Dr Martens:

Bailey stayed home, his new Xbox game Destiny arrived so we won't be seeing him for a while!

Cordelia and Piper made a joint effort on the cake baking front, it's a chocolate and vanilla cake decorated with chocolate ganach icing, white chocolate and maltesers yum...

Look at the inside:

Happy Birthday selfie with my oldest two:

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