Friday, 19 September 2014


Since we are not having our usual September gallivant due to Bailey starting college this week we had to settle for a day trip to Scarborough. We had fabulous weather, first up a walk along North Bay beach whilst the ride was out. Lots of dogs running on the beach :) Cordelia and Ruben ran up ahead together and climbed the big rocks:

We sat and had our lunch before walking round to South Bay. We looked around the shops, kids loved a really geeky shop called Retro 365 lots of Marvel, Hobbit, LOTR etc to coo over. Back to the sandy beach of South Bay for ice creams and donuts and building sand castles:

We took the crab nets to see if we could catch something, loved these piles of lobster pots despite my fear of actual lobsters!

Hubby and Cordelia were quite successful:

Squid tentacles!!!!

A huge crab

Ruben eventually joined in too, he loved holding them:

Cordelia even caught a fish!!! It was a flat fish!!! Lots of people stopped to look, it's not everyday you see a 12 year old goth catching a fish whilst crab fishing....

Happy Birthday Mummy

For my 34th birthday I was gifted with these beautiful sunflowers:

A very cuddly, warm bed fleece, slippers and chocolates! What more could I want? 

Ruben took this photo of me:

It was the first week back at the kids home ed adventure playground group. They seemed to enjoy catching up with friends except one girl who made Piper cry :'(

I was quite upset by that. On the way home we called to Graves park and playground. Piper, Ruben and Cordelia on the swings:

We got home to Piper's new shoes, her first pair of Dr Martens:

Bailey stayed home, his new Xbox game Destiny arrived so we won't be seeing him for a while!

Cordelia and Piper made a joint effort on the cake baking front, it's a chocolate and vanilla cake decorated with chocolate ganach icing, white chocolate and maltesers yum...

Look at the inside:

Happy Birthday selfie with my oldest two:

Lego & Nintendo

Ruben seems to be hugely back into Lego and Nintendo so has combined them together to make this:

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Not Back to School Picnic September 2014

So for our Not Back to School picnic we chose not to go into the Peace Gardens in Sheffield. All a bit too political and about being "seen" or more stared at by passers by for our liking! Instead we chose to meet up with our bestest friends at Chatsworth. Missed Bailey being here but seen as he's starting college next week there would be little point, plus he was in bed sleeping off 4 working days including two 11 hour shifts.

We had a lovely walk by the river, followed by a picnic lunch on a big tree. The kids ran around, play fighting, chasing each other, throwing hay, logs for dogs and chatting.

Took this photo of the group: Piper, Ruben, our Ruben, Cordelia and Mason:

A perfect home ed Not Back to School Picnic for us 😊

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Celebratory cakes!

A busy day starting with Baileys great GCSE results :)

The girls met up with friends at Meadowhall, they seem to have had a nice time.

We took Ruben to McDonald's for lunch, seemed strange celebrating Baileys results with only Ruben but he enjoyed it.

When we got home we baked Bailey a celebratory cake. James picked the girls back up, we had bacon sandwiches for tea followed by chocolate cake and three episodes of the IT Crowd :)

Despite hardly ever baking he did an excellent job :

Sheffield Comic Con

Our first ever Comic Con and also the first ever time it's ever been to Sheffield. We had a fab day out and even Bailey came out with his before his shift started.

The costumes were amazing I liked the Weeping Angel lady the most but their were lots of Doctor Who's, Spider-Mans, Jokers, and even a few Pokemon characters much to Rubens delight.

The girls and Ruben have been furiously planning their own costumes since we arrived home and have decided that hubby and I should get dressed up too. Bailey thinks I should be Khalissi from Game of Thrones the mother of dragons....we'll see

A tardis and Ruben spotted a Pikachu
The view from above

Cordy spotted a costume from Skyrim and the girl kindly agreed to a photo. Her dad had made her the costume I was SO impressed.
An Ash look a like
Natashya from Avengers!
An amazing costume by a lady who spent 6 months making this Blaziken costume. Ruben loved it

Bailey spent £50 on an Assasin's Creed figure, it's very cool and he's wanted it since he saw it in Amsterdam.