Sunday, 10 August 2014


I have to admit to thinking our camping days were behind us, we sold our big family tent earlier in the year and it made me a bit sad but the peeps are growing up and so it was fair enough. We're lucky to fit in term time mini breaks because it's so much cheaper than school holidays but there were places we wanted to visit because it was summer that cost a small fortune. So we decided to buy a much smaller, quick to put up tent that only needed to sleep 5 as Bailey no longer wants to come with us :'(....... He was fine though as his grandparents looked after him very well and it meant he could still do his social things but I know he was being well looked after (and well fed!)
It was still a strange experience though, the first time in over 16 years that I've been on a beach without him. But he isn't a fan of the beach or camping so he wouldn't have enjoyed it and it's not fair to the younger three that they should miss out.

It was a longer drive than I remembered to Norfolk so we were relieved to get out of the car at Sheringham and feel the warmth of the sun. It's a lovely little town with lots of pretty shops, great charity shops too! So we bought lunch, picked the girls some books from the charity shop (they had read all the book they'd brought in the car on the way down!) and headed to the beach...

Some of us even braved the water (not me!) which actually wasn't too cold for the North Sea!

Cordelia even did some sand art, here is her sand horse head...

We headed to our campsite which was in Cromer, it is one of the nicest campsites we've stayed at, good facilities, a playground with goats-which Ruben & Cordelia loved- and no noisy campers keeping us awake. We set up camp, very quickly thanks to our new tent and then headed into Cromer for fish n chips by the sea! We slept great until the owls woke hubby and I at 4am, kids managed to sleep through their hoots completely however!

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