Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sheringham Beach & Cromer at Sunset

Day 2 of our camping trip and we woke early to sunny, blue skies and headed back into Sheringham as we really enjoyed our day there yesterday. We went more prepared this time with a board for the kids to play on in the water, we've had it since we went to St Tropez in 2007 so it's great to see it being used again! 

Hubby even made some beach art:

Piper enjoyed the picnic and read her new book "Noughts & Crosses" by Majorie Blackman-she finished it in a day so we barely even got spoken too! Which is why she's pulling this face when I said "welcome back Piper"

Digging with his dad

We had a lovely four/five hours on the beach, another walk around the shops, ice creams and bought bacon for tea before going back to camp to cook it. I really missed Bailey today, and even had a little cry behind my sunglasses on the beach! But thanks to mobile phones he was always in contact :) we cooked our bacon and then I decided to drive us all down to the beach at Cromer to watch the sunset, we live quite far from the sea at home so it's not something we get to do and it was really lovely.

Family photo:

Looking for driftwood on the beach, whilst Cordelia drew "Loki was here" in the sand with a stick....

Watching the lifeboat get back into it's station:

Lovely memories :)

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