Saturday, 2 August 2014

Liverpool Giants

Ruben and I were sat watching breakfast news, as is our usual routine of a morning when we saw the giants. They looked Epic and so Ruben asked "Can we go?" The beauty of home educating/being self employed is that of going off when we feel like it-not always possible but in this case there was no reason why we couldn't! So early Friday morning we got up and drove the two hours from home to Liverpool, we haven't been for 4/5 years, I used to live in Merseyside so have a soft spot for Liverpool, there are so many amazing museums/galleries/things to see. It's an amazing city.

The traffic was a bit crazy so hubby kicked (not literally) us out of the car which happened to be great timing as the Grandma was just setting off:

She walked right by us:

I can't quite describe the atmosphere, it was amazing, there was a live band just behind the Grandma and the music was so good, really upbeat, it was one of those "pinch me" kind of moments. I'll never forget it.

We met hubby, who sadly had missed the grandma, and walked around the city to get lunch, we headed down to Albert Docks to eat lunch only to find that's where the Grandma was heading! Perfect timing. We had a great view and Bailey even spotted the creator Jean-Luc, his company The Royal Luxe are amazing. Here he is:

I thought it was brilliant that he walked among the crowds and watched the giants from ground level. The Lilliputians who work the giants were fantastic, totally transfixing as they jumped ropes to move her. Cordelia even spotted two of them being fed chocolate up on the top whilst they moved the Grandma's face!

We watched from across the docks as they put her in her wheelchair for a siesta, such a feat of outsounding engineering! We had a walk around the Titanic museum and the Tate before heading back past the sleeping Grandma. They even made her snore and her chest go up and down as if she was breathing!

We headed up to see the girl and her dog, it was really hot so we found some shade and waited an hour for them to finish their siesta. The dog came first and he was brilliant, they even made him drool! When she finally came she was on the roof of a car, we presume because of the hill? But not sure. She was beautiful

We headed up the hill quickly as we were going to go back to the car, but they made the dog run too which was so funny. His ears moved in the wind and he looked so lifelike!

As we got further round we realised that they were due on the road and we could be right next to them so we decided to wait again. I'm glad we did as we got such a good views!

I think the Lilliputians are brilliant, the costumes/uniforms they were wearing were fab, I loved the red velvet ones the Lilliputians who worked the Grandma/Little Girl were wearing but they must have been sweltering!

The girl was a bit behind the dog but it was great to see her not only walking but enjoying an ice lolly!

We watched as they took her ice lolly down and knelt her carefully on the ground whilst asking for children under 10 to sit on her arms! Ruben and Cordelia were a bit disappointed to be too old but it was lovely to watch as they even moved the little girls head and eyes to look at the children on her arms, just so realistic!

We headed off after that as it'd been a long, hot day and we still had to walk back to the car and drive two hours home. We got home at 9pm but it was worth it, such an amazing experience that we'll never forget.

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