Saturday, 2 August 2014

Home Ed Catch Up

My blogging is haphazard at the moment because life is full and busy and there's so many things going off, but that is for another post, here is a little glimpse of what the pesky hobbits have been upto:

Pippi has been making herself dolls from one of my favourite craft books, I made her, Cordelia and my goddaughter one each a few Christmasses ago but Pippi decided to put an "emo" twist on it, it's still a work in progress currently but she's getting very confident with the sewing machine.....

Ruben had this beautiful home ed moment last week where whilst I was making tea he put out two garden chairs in the sunshine, then he brought me outside to sit down and surprised me by reading me a Mr Gum book (it's our current book club book and has inspired him to read the rest of the series, Mr Gum is a HUGE favourite here with all 4 of the hobbits being fans!!) this from the boy who has taken nearly twice as long as the older three in reading, he has self taught from Minecraft both PC game and the book series, from road signs, TV and anything that hasn't felt like "formal" learning. He learns in a different way to the others, he's much more hands on with things but then all of the children have learnt different things at different times in different ways-that us the beauty of home educating isn't it? I won't lie though I've had moments of panic-especially given that one of my closest friends originally asked me how I would teach them to read when I first began HE- I don't see her anymore but I'm not sure she would understand the whole concept of letting him do his own thing!

It was lovely listening to him read, he had to keep stopping to laugh at the funny bits-thank you Andy Stanton for making my boy enjoy reading for fun!!

Meanwhile Cordelia, who has recently started at Pony Club, came home with two certificates and four badges!!! She is loving Pony Club and learning so many new skills/facts it's taken her horse knowledge to a new level, which is perfect for a girl that's loved horses her entire life, just wish we'd have found it earlier!