Monday, 18 August 2014

Cannon Hall Farm

We haven't been here for a few years and as Ruben still loves animals...
The girls safely dropped off in town after having Freya sleepover, they went to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

First up were the goats, supercute :)

Reindeer, which walk very clumsly on tarmac and look like their wearing slippers?!..... one had a huge wee too...

Still cool though

The playground is fab here, lots of things for Ruben to play on. He loved the tubes but it did look like a huge hamster cage. A bit hot for running through tubes..

Spiderman on the climbing frame

At the top of the climbing frame

Thank god the smell isn't possible via photographs, because the smell here was awful...but adorable piggies

All snuggled up

These were so so so so cute and tiny. Cordelia would have loved these ponies..

We had our picnic in the gardens behind the museum before we headed to the farm. After we had hot chocolate and chocolate cake in the cafe whilst it rained outside. A fresh farm meant n potato pie for tea :)

Girls thought the film was good but not as good as Avengers.

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