Monday, 11 August 2014

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

So far 2014 has seen us make some amazing visits/experiences and, for me anyway, "pinch me" moments. Another one to add to the list is Bristol Balloon Fiesta, I've wanted to come ever since I saw it on a Cbeebies art programme that the peeps used to watch when they were little, I'd never heard of it before then to be honest! But every year since I've checked the website and finally I talked Hubby into the L-O-N-G drive down!!!

The girls brought along their friend F and Bailey stayed home as it's not his "thing". We arrived about 3pm to find a huge, sprawling, music blasting funfair. The girls had a few rides together and Ruben had a go on the funhouse and ghost train before the girls friend talked them into this ride:

I still can't believe they went on it to be honest, hubby and I were nearly sick watching them on it but I'm also in awe of them for giving it a go. They actually really enjoyed it despite initial nerves!

We kept seeing people wearing Pikachu hats so went in search of the source, turns out Nintendo had a big stall. They made a hunt for Pokemon (perfect for our huge Pokemon fan!) so Ruben took half an hour to fill in his sticker sheet including diving into this ball pool to find one painted as a pokeball:

This was his prize:

Then he got to meet Mario & Luigi! 

There was a helicopter doing mini flights so they all went off to watch it taking off/landing:

Optimus Prime!

Then we took all our camping chairs, mats & picnic to watch the balloon launch!!

Loved the smurf balloon & the balloon covered in balloons:

There were so many:

Perfect backdrop against the super blue skies 

We loved the dragon one:

Cordelia loved the winking flower balloon:

It was a bit of a wait to the night glow and it got very busy! I even had an argument with a rather grumpy lady in the queue for toilets! Cordelia and Ruben stood patiently waiting whilst this lady was huffing, puffing and being a complete misery-and they say the young have no manners pfff!

When it finally came on it was brilliant, the music was so-so but a wonderful thing to have seen:

The fireworks after were spectacular too, the best I've seen in a long time. All in all a really fantastic day and have to admit I love Bristol, wish we'd had time to visit for longer.

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