Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Watching the Yorkshire stage of the Tour De France

We thought it'd be really difficult to get a good spot to watch the Tour De France as it came through Sheffield, we set off just before lunch to try and get a spot in Grenoside, we used to live at that side of town so we knew some of the quieter roads. We got parked straight away and walked up to the main road to finds lots of Carrefour signs-was really odd to see the French Supermarket signs in Yorkshire!!

We managed to get sat right next to the road too! Hubby had come prepared with camping chairs and a picnic so we had a great time! The crowds were fun and their was such a great atmosphere, lots of people in French fancy dress making us laugh!

Eating our picnic:

The girls brought books to read and sat making loom bands whilst we are peanut butter sandwiches

It very quickly filled up and there must have been a couple of thousand people just on this small stretch of road!

The "caravan" was very loud but lots of fun to watch-it lasted about an hour and Ruben clapped lots, the girls carried on reading their books and they were all disappointed not to catch any of the free goodies that were thrown :(

The cheering was so loud when the cyclists came down the hill past us, we clapped so hard for them!

These are Cordelia's photos of the cyclists as my phone camera wasn't quick enough!

Such a wonderful family day, lots of memories that will last for a long time, a new respect for cycling and a new interest in the Tour De France.

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