Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The first of July starts with a birthday in our house, always good as that means cake and as it's hubby's birthday curry for tea hehe!!

Might be a birthday but the grass still needed mowing-no rest for hubby, meanwhile Cordelia and I shelled some of our homegrown peas:


Since we've been going along to a local home ed adventure playground group that the girls and Ruben have been really enjoying we still went. Hubby is selfless even on his birthday, he is the best dad in the world and that's what the children said in their homemade cards. 

We found some amazing street art just behind the playground and the children were so excited to see Iron Man!! Love this photo

Glad we went along as the girls made some new friends :)

Then we came home for our curry and sang Happy Birthday to Dad with a homemade chocolate fudge cake:

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and Father, we all love you so much xxxxx

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