Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dinosaurs, Trips to the Cinema

It's been a busy few weeks here, that kind of wrapping up stuff before the summer holidays kind of feeling-even though we don't have summer holidays! It will probably be a very quiet time for us with activities and groups breaking up until September. Just really as I feel we've got into the swing of things!

Getting back into home ed groups and clubs has so far been a mixed bag, the kids have made new friends which has been wonderful to watch but there's also been tears. I'm hoping things will settle over the summer, it's been lovely to catch up with new/old home ed parents though and I love meeting new people.

At home there's been lots of the usual things: Minecraft, Xbox and a trip back into Viva Piñata video game, amongst boardgames, lots of art, baking, learning to play the violin, reading Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionnaire for next months book club, bouncing on the trampoline, checking on our growing veg patch. Researching some potential new pets...more on that in another post....

Ruben has discovered his love for dinosaurs and the flexi track, he's spent hours playing with it:

Bailey has been painting lots of new Warhammer figures, working on his CV to apply for some part time jobs. And obviously playing on his Xbox!

The girls had a friend over for a sleepover and I dropped them off at the cinema to watch "The Fault in Our Stars" whilst Hubby took the boys to watch the new Transformer movie. Good reviews on both sides but the girls said it was a very sad film. I got to have a coffee and read my new book #itsthelittlethingsforme. The girls enjoying the starts of being more independent, all part of the growing up adventure.

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