Friday, 4 July 2014


The weather was so lovely that we decided to have a visit to one of our favourite places-Chatsworth. The river there is perfect for paddling and keeping cool on a hot summers day. We took the fishing nets and Ruben and Cordelia managed to catch two bullfish each but sadly Cordelia's fish ate one of Ruben's so he was quite upset :(

A picnic lunch which was then followed by Hubby and Cordelia building a heart for me-I love heart shaped things!-out of stones in the water:

Meanwhile Piper read her huge book of Eragon, Bailey-yes even he came out with us!- listened to his music and read his Warhammer book, Ruben and I had a tickle fight and took photos :)


Ta-da! All done!

Loved it :) didn't want to leave it behind it looked so pretty in the water....


Chilling out....

We then walked the mile or so to the house for ice creams. It's looking very pretty at the moment since it's been cleaned. I think all ready for next week when the Queen and Prince Philip are visiting :)

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  1. Beautiful heart, what a lovely thing to do for you x