Monday, 21 July 2014

Lego Pokemon Arena

Hubby and Ruben created a Pokemon Arena out of Lego, it includes arenas for Rock, Grass, Fire and Water Pokemon:

They even found lego mini figures that looked like Pokemon trainers:

We have a huge collection of Pokemon figures and now they have somewhere to battle :)

Cutthorpe Well Dressing

We met friends at Linacre for a walk/catch up, was lovely and the kids all had a great time. Even Bailey came out too! On the way back I stopped to take a photograph of the well dressing at Cutthorpe. The well dressings happen every year and they are so pretty, this year the theme for Cutthorpe village was remembrance :

Meet Hawkeye, Skullduggery & May!

The last home ed adventure playground meet up before the summer break up and we gained some new family members: Meet Hawkeye, Skullduggery and May our new stick insects:

Terrible photos but they are like brilliant at hide n seek haha..

The kids have wanted them for a while and Piper has wanted one ever since she read you can teach them to cross roads....hmmm should be interesting....

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dinosaurs, Trips to the Cinema

It's been a busy few weeks here, that kind of wrapping up stuff before the summer holidays kind of feeling-even though we don't have summer holidays! It will probably be a very quiet time for us with activities and groups breaking up until September. Just really as I feel we've got into the swing of things!

Getting back into home ed groups and clubs has so far been a mixed bag, the kids have made new friends which has been wonderful to watch but there's also been tears. I'm hoping things will settle over the summer, it's been lovely to catch up with new/old home ed parents though and I love meeting new people.

At home there's been lots of the usual things: Minecraft, Xbox and a trip back into Viva Piñata video game, amongst boardgames, lots of art, baking, learning to play the violin, reading Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionnaire for next months book club, bouncing on the trampoline, checking on our growing veg patch. Researching some potential new pets...more on that in another post....

Ruben has discovered his love for dinosaurs and the flexi track, he's spent hours playing with it:

Bailey has been painting lots of new Warhammer figures, working on his CV to apply for some part time jobs. And obviously playing on his Xbox!

The girls had a friend over for a sleepover and I dropped them off at the cinema to watch "The Fault in Our Stars" whilst Hubby took the boys to watch the new Transformer movie. Good reviews on both sides but the girls said it was a very sad film. I got to have a coffee and read my new book #itsthelittlethingsforme. The girls enjoying the starts of being more independent, all part of the growing up adventure.

Watching the Yorkshire stage of the Tour De France

We thought it'd be really difficult to get a good spot to watch the Tour De France as it came through Sheffield, we set off just before lunch to try and get a spot in Grenoside, we used to live at that side of town so we knew some of the quieter roads. We got parked straight away and walked up to the main road to finds lots of Carrefour signs-was really odd to see the French Supermarket signs in Yorkshire!!

We managed to get sat right next to the road too! Hubby had come prepared with camping chairs and a picnic so we had a great time! The crowds were fun and their was such a great atmosphere, lots of people in French fancy dress making us laugh!

Eating our picnic:

The girls brought books to read and sat making loom bands whilst we are peanut butter sandwiches

It very quickly filled up and there must have been a couple of thousand people just on this small stretch of road!

The "caravan" was very loud but lots of fun to watch-it lasted about an hour and Ruben clapped lots, the girls carried on reading their books and they were all disappointed not to catch any of the free goodies that were thrown :(

The cheering was so loud when the cyclists came down the hill past us, we clapped so hard for them!

These are Cordelia's photos of the cyclists as my phone camera wasn't quick enough!

Such a wonderful family day, lots of memories that will last for a long time, a new respect for cycling and a new interest in the Tour De France.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tour De France Sheffield

This weekend is a pretty special weekend  in Sheffield-the Tour De France is here tomorrow and so to get into the spirit of things today we took the girls and Ruben into the city centre as there were lots of things going off.

We went past the luminarium, which we visited back in 2010, and into Sheffield Cathedral to see the Art exhibit of yarn bombed bicycles! We liked the Viking one from York. It's all part of the Yorkshire Art festival, Ruben liked the Mr Men bike:

Was nice to wander around the Cathedral too as we haven't been in there for years. Bit too loud for us though with the organist practicing....

Then we headed through the huge food market, which had food from all over Europe-the smells were amazing. We bought ice creams and sat in the very busy Peace Gardens to watch the Tour De France's stage 1 on a big screen TV before some pesky kids drenched us kicking water out of the little pools there and we decided to head into the Winter Gardens/Millenium Galleries. We found a countdown clock, and a very grubby looking Ruben happily stood for a photo, the girls politely declined-still a bit miffed about our drenching outside. Tutu's are no fun when wet apparently....

A paper bike coming out of a book!

Inside the gallery were lots of yellow t-shirts individually designed and hung up. We googled on my phone the relevance of the yellow shirt since none of us actually know that much about the Tour De France-always strewing here....

Back through the food market via the Eiffel Tower!!

We saw someone walk past us with a cone of these and HAD to have some, churros and chocolate sauce...they were epiclly yummy....

Quick trip to the book shop, where hubby treated me to the new Caitlin Moran book ;D and a trip to Poundland to stock up on loom bands, which the girls are thoroughly enjoying making bracelets with at the moment. Back home for homemade pizzas :)

Friday, 4 July 2014


The weather was so lovely that we decided to have a visit to one of our favourite places-Chatsworth. The river there is perfect for paddling and keeping cool on a hot summers day. We took the fishing nets and Ruben and Cordelia managed to catch two bullfish each but sadly Cordelia's fish ate one of Ruben's so he was quite upset :(

A picnic lunch which was then followed by Hubby and Cordelia building a heart for me-I love heart shaped things!-out of stones in the water:

Meanwhile Piper read her huge book of Eragon, Bailey-yes even he came out with us!- listened to his music and read his Warhammer book, Ruben and I had a tickle fight and took photos :)


Ta-da! All done!

Loved it :) didn't want to leave it behind it looked so pretty in the water....


Chilling out....

We then walked the mile or so to the house for ice creams. It's looking very pretty at the moment since it's been cleaned. I think all ready for next week when the Queen and Prince Philip are visiting :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The first of July starts with a birthday in our house, always good as that means cake and as it's hubby's birthday curry for tea hehe!!

Might be a birthday but the grass still needed mowing-no rest for hubby, meanwhile Cordelia and I shelled some of our homegrown peas:


Since we've been going along to a local home ed adventure playground group that the girls and Ruben have been really enjoying we still went. Hubby is selfless even on his birthday, he is the best dad in the world and that's what the children said in their homemade cards. 

We found some amazing street art just behind the playground and the children were so excited to see Iron Man!! Love this photo

Glad we went along as the girls made some new friends :)

Then we came home for our curry and sang Happy Birthday to Dad with a homemade chocolate fudge cake:

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and Father, we all love you so much xxxxx