Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The one where Bailey turns 16!!!!!!!!!

I say it but I still can't believe this boy of ours is 16, its such a huge number and means we have been parents for nearly half of our life, which is both scary and thrilling.

I'm so proud of Bailey, he has grown into such a kind, considerate, witty, smart and fun young adult. He is helpful and thoughtful-everything and more that I thought and hoped he would be. He's worked so hard this year with his revision and he so deserves to chill out and enjoy his summer, this could be his last year of being home educated which makes me a bit sad. But I'm so glad we have had the opportunity to be bale to home educate him and spend so much time with him before the possibility of college and life beyond Home Ed.

He might be 16 now but he still woke us all up at 6.30 am to open his present-he only had one to open!-and his cards. He has been waiting for the Xbox One for a while so was very happy to finally have it in his hands as you can see:

We had a super chilled day, he plugged it into the downstairs TV so that at least he was downstairs with us for some of the day. I made his cake and early evening we went for our very first curry at an Indian restaurant!! It totally threw the kids as we just don't eat out often, they have never been so quiet! But the food was lovely and it would be nice to try and do it more regularly.

the big brother and little brother:

The cake!

All his childhood favourites-which was the theme of his birthday, helium balloons with Toy story on and Mario and lots of cards with Thomas the Tank, Pokemon, Sonic and Transformers.

Hubby and I finished the evening by opening a bottle of champagne that we had been saving for a while. Toasting 16 very happy years being parents to our wonderful children. By far the happiest 16 years of my life :)


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