Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ponies Assemble

We had an interesting start to the morning with 3 power cuts in the space of an hour all thanks to our washing machine which also chose to empty itself on the utility room floor! Old washing machine removed, new machine ordered and should be here by Friday. Dread to think of the washing pile by then but having to wring out a load of very sodden washing has made me feel incredibly lucky I don't have to do it everyday.

Anyway the day improved despite us deciding not to go out for the day and saving it for tomorrow.

A day in the garden for hubby, out garden is quite big and requires lots of work to keep on top of it. All this rain has meant a slug/snail invasion so we have had to use slug pellets to try and save what's left of the veg. Only four pumpkin plants remaining but then that's all we need so fingers crossed they make it to Autumn.

A food shopping trip, new Spider-Man bedding for Ruben and a very chilled house today. The girls and Ruben are very much in a 3 player Minecraft groove at the moment which is lovely, often the girls super close bond doesn't allow for little brothers but this week has been a different story. Lots of Avengers talk, play, cartoon watching and today it even spilled into Cordelia's art work when she did these fab Avenger style ponies:

 How cool are they? I think their fantastic!

Meanwhile Piper has made a start on her new project, she picked up the Doll's House Emporium's Retreat set for a bargain £5 on Sunday morning, it has already been built, albeit not all that well, but not decorated or finished. So she is re gluing and Hubby took her to the craft shop for paint whilst Bailey was at the hairdressers yesterday-multi tasking hubby! She has chose a beautiful blue colour for the outside:

Ruben and I sat and looked through a Horrible Histories Trenches book this afternoon and also discussed the causes of WW1. Some really fab WW1 books from the library, we looked at the map and he pointed out lots of European countries to me whilst we talked about the Allies and Central Powers. Before he bounced back off to the trampoline! He did come and help with tea though, hubby made the kids pizza dough and Ruben rolled it out and put on the toppings:

Bailey meanwhile has been hard at work with his continued revision, he's working so hard and the end is in sight!!

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  1. Our washing machine packed up last week too. It doesn't take long at all for the washing to pile up with four children does it x