Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Parcels in the Post, Lego & Ruby Redfort!

The morning didn't get off to the best start when Ruben got hit in the face with his DS, it was plugged into the charger as he watched Stampylongnose videos on YouTube and Bailey accidentally tripped over the wire causing it to hit Ruben in the face...he was okay, no serious damage to face or DS thankfully but he went off to sulk in bed, I went to try and coax him back out and ended up looking through his Lego Club magazine. It arrived in the post yesterday and he'd taken it straight upstairs to read-by himself!-(there used to be four club mags hitting our floor but the older 3 seems to have outgrown it...) I mentioned the competitions in the magazine which triggered a big interest on Ruben's behalf and in 5 minutes we were back downstairs having breakfast..

After breakfast Ruben got dressed and he brought the lego tubs in from the playroom and began building mixel figures. We don't own any mixel lego so he made do with the 1000's of lego pieces we already have but I said we'd pop and look at the mixel figure packs in town later.

The girls and Ruben had a few hours playing Minecraft on the Xbox, nice that they all played together, its becoming a very rare occurrence...

All three on one screen at once: 

They were all building villages, this is Ruben's underwater tower:

Cordelia's market:

Piper said hers isn't finished and therefore she wouldn't let me take a picture.. so I had to take a photo of a pig taking a ride in Ruben's rollercoaster:

Bailey has been revising ready for his maths GCSE exams next week, he had his first ever exam yesterday for his English GCSE. He was quite nervous but he said it went well and think he was very relieved to get it over with in one morning. Felt like a huge home ed milestone to be doing something so formal after 7 years of being so unstructured, GCSE's aren't for everyone and I know its a huge debate in the home ed world. But the whole point of our home educating is personal and individual choices and we all have to decide which route is best for each of our children, no idea which path will be followed with the other three but this has been an interesting and eye opening experience for all of us.

Lots of excitement when the post arrived late morning with Piper's new dragon earring, she's growing up so much quicker than her brother at this age...

And disappointment when the skirt she'd ordered didn't arrive in the post or Cordelia's new camera tripod. Might have to ban online shopping for my youngest daughter, patience is not her strongest point..

After lunch we had a trip into Chesterfield, mainly to visit the library, but we had a quick pop into Hobbycraft to return something, managed to buy 2 big bags of buttons, 6 reels of pastel twine and some very pretty blue crochet lace all for the bargain price of £4!

After helping Piper find some books in the French revolution-inspired by the book we've both just finished reading about Emma Hamilton, Horatio Nelson's mistress, its set around the same time-we had a chat about Marie Antoinette yesterday and had a look at the online library catalogue to see what books were available. We managed to find quite a few, Ruben then asked if I knew anything about the D Day landings? I confessed I didn't so he asked if we could get some books!!!!! We headed for the children's section and found lots of books about WW1 but none specifically on D Day. He was really interetsed in the WW1 books though and picked quite a few to bring home. Will have to see what info I can find for him on D Day.. We popped into WHSmith to look at Lego mixel figures and ended up leaving with one, he chose Seismo.

Back home, Cordelia started baking ready for tomorrow's book club, both Piper's new tutu skirt and Cordelia's tripod arrived so two very excited girls!

Two hours of solid out loud reading of Ruby Redfort ready for home ed boo club tomorrow for Ruben, till I barely had a voice! (still not finished so might have to speed read in time for tomorrow) Whilst he built more mixel inspired figures and gave them all names:

Tea eaten, cupcakes and cookies ready for tomorrow and Hubby had a game of Poker with Bailey and the girls whilst Ruben played on the lego website. Unfortunately running into the kitchen for a drink he knocked my gorgeous glass sweet bowl of its shelf and it shattered on our very unforgiving tiled kitchen floor....oh well... Cordelia brought in these to cheer me up :)


  1. Lovely post and so much reminded me of life in this house. Great to see another child giving animals rides in minecraft roller-coasters! lol You have such lovely days x

    1. Thanks Pip-your house always looks full and very busy, with so many activities :) x