Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hetty Feather & Horse Riding

Cordelia was very kindly invited to watch a production of Jacqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre by a friend who had a spare ticket. She had read the book quite a while ago and was really excited about seeing it.

We left her with friends whilst Hubby and I took Piper and Ruben around Sheffield City Centre, we don't go often so its nice to wander around. We took Piper to an emo/goth shop where she bought some blue hair dye by Manic Panic, had a wander in the new market before having a look around the newest exhibit in the Millenium Galleries. It was called Recording Britain and there were some really stunning drawings and paintings, always a chilled experience in the galleries.

We headed to pick Cordelia up who had had a fabulous time and absolutely loved the production, she said there were lots of acrobatics and the cast were very funny.

Then it was time to shoot straight off to horse riding, which thank to the sunshine showing us his face was outdoors again:

Here she is with Jim the horse:

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