Thursday, 5 June 2014

Friends catch up & Home Ed Book Club

This morning started early with 20 chapters of the monthly book club book still left to read! Eeek, totally ran out of time this month...took 3 hours of reading out loud to Ruben and also Hubby who was busy packaging parcels at the same time! Will not do this again next month, will not do this again next month, will not do this again next month.....

We had friends around early before book club for tea, chatting, xbox playing, Sherlock poster graffiti-don't ask- and lunch. Was lovely to catch up with our friends and talk travel plans with our friends over at the  Barts Go Adventuring. Ten children over for lunch with an extra three over for book club, 13 children all playing harmoniously :))) 

Our second monthly home ed book club with an extra two friends and Ruben joining in too now making for 7 girls and 2 boys :) Hubby had printed off some code breaking activities and I had got some plain business cards ready for them to make their own secret agent style cards. We had these laminated Ruby Redfort Rules kindly sent over from our friends at Outside the Box which Ruben, Piper and I put around the room. My favourite is still Rule 19: PANIC WILL FREEZE YOUR BRAIN

They all seemed to enjoy the book and its gone on our book wall as 9 out of 10 stars beating last month's Wonder which was 8/10 stars! We discussed the character's, where Mrs Digby had been-what a flotation tank was-the gadgets Ruby uses, how believable we thought Ruby's character was and whether anyone would want to read the next in the series. The only two who didn't seem too fussed by Ruby and her next books were my two girls but then that's what book club is all about, not everyone is going to like the same book or have the same thoughts. Its a really nice group and its fun to talk to all of them and find out their thoughts and feelings on the book.

Cordelia made cupcakes with eyes for the book club snack..

My friend also brought over this book for us to lend for Ruben-exactly what we were looking for! Will have a look at this tomorrow, my eyes are too tired and my jaw aches from all the reading out loud and talking today-looks like hubby is in for a very quiet evening....

Letters in the post from our friends over at Journey Unique added to the friend excitement today, with lovely pictures. The girls can't wait to get started on some letters back.

Ruben and Cordelia had some pc time with Ruben watching Minecraft video's and Cordelia catching up on her online art forums.

Bailey has spent most of the day revising for maths exams and having another go at a practice paper. Well that and researching/buying games for his upcoming birthday present in the form of an Xbox One. 

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