Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday fun

Friday morning we met up with friends at the mini climbing works, it was very quiet probably due to the glorious sunshine outside. At one point there was only our small group in there, a very chilled out morning with fellow home educators:

Ruben had already attended the monthly home ed climbing session at the Foundry on Monday but he likes having the freedom of bouldering. Here is our little Spider-Man:

Cordelia really enjoys the climbing session and it's great for her leg muscles too, her horse riding instructor has said her legs have been really improving so I think it must be helping. Here she is:

Back home and there was still enough energy for bouncing on the trampoline:

An afternoon of Minecraft, drawing and some TV before we all got ready for my sisters 21st surprise birthday party. Not very often we go out in an evening so it was nice to get dressed up. Was lovely to catch up with family we'd not seen in a long while and to see the kids having so much fun.

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