Monday, 9 June 2014

Forge Dam Walk

This morning started early with Bailey having his first maths gcse exam. As he needed to be there early and the sun was out we all decided to get ready and make the most of an early start. We dropped a very nervous looking Bailey off and then headed up to Endcliffe Park. We headed up through the woods with Cordelia and Ruben playing Avengers-Ruben seems to have been rather lucky at the car boot sales and has managed to find a Hawkeye bow and a Captain America shield for £1 each. They have inspired many a game over the weekend.

This is a bag charm full of peas that Piper made last night for her bag, its so sweet:

Lovely views from Shepard's Wheel:

Superhero photoshoot...Daddy fancies himself as Captain America...

Stepping stones!

Everyone safely across including Chub (our nickname for our portly Jack Russell)

Time for a swing in the playground because your never too old..

And a hidden slide

A cup of tea for hubby and I at the cafe and a round of ice creams for the three pesky hobbits, felt a bit guilty that Bailey wasn't eating ice cream with them, thought about it him all morning. We saw lots of wildlife whilst we sat by the water- a Jay, lots of ducks and their baby chicks, two yellow wagtails and on the walk back a heron:

On the way back a huge thunderstorm started, which was quite fun to walk in by the time we got back to the car we were all drenched. We picked Bailey up, he said it was harder than he thought but he thinks he's done okay. Think he is relieved the first one is done, only one more exam to go!

A very wet afternoon indoors, the girls and Ruben watched Disney's Secretariat before playing Minecraft on the Xbox including the purchase of a new skin pack. Bailey has spent the afternoon painting Warhammer before watching the live E3 games conference-he has come downstairs several times to tell me about the exciting new games coming out for Xbox One including Halo 5. At least its taken his mind off the exams.

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