Sunday, 1 June 2014

Everything's growing inside and out

Seems like the last few weeks have all been about getting Bailey ready for his Maths and English GCSE exams. He was 9 when we decided to home educate so hasn't sat any kind of exam before except his Year 2 SAT's. I think Hubby and I have both found the whole process a bit stressful and it feels like its really crept in to our otherwise very much autonomous home education journey. But on the plus side I am really proud how Bailey has taken so well to formal study given that its not been something that we have done since he left school. Yes we have had maths workbooks but they still remain largely untouched in cupboards whilst we chose to play boardgames, bake, computer games and just generally lived our lives, always safe in the knowledge if I had a panic I could dust off the workbooks from the back of the cupboard. Thankfully that doesn't seem to have been necessary. With two exams to finish next week the rest of June will become a lovely free ride into summer and the arrival of our eldest boy turning a very sweet 16 years old.....

Cordelia helped Dad replant and thin out some onions:

They both had a bounce on the trampoline before Ruben wanted to play American Football

And a game of chess on the lawn in the sunshine

As well as organising and planning things ready for the big boys birthday we have also managed to grow some things in the garden-for the first time in a few years. We  have been successful in the growing of potatoes, peas and peppers at least so far-its all looking very green anyway...

Our pumpkin patch and courgettes have taken a bit of a battering thanks to a slug/snail invasion, no surprise given the wet conditions here at present. I think they may hopefully recover, fingers crossed.

The parsnips and beetroot seem to be thriving and the carrots are just starting to show too :)

We have planted some tomatoes in our mini greenhouse, they seem to be coming along, mint, thyme, rosemary and garlic all showing signs of growth too. Feels nice to be watching things take root and grow and not just in the garden. Four Pesky Hobbits are all taking rather good root and growing towards the light, so many new adventures are coming our way. Lots of wonderful things to look forward to in the second half of 2014, looking forward to blogging about them.

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